Achieve cut-through by harnessing emotion.

Why emotions matter when designing user experiences

Achieving cut-through and maintaining loyalty in an ever more crowded digital landscape is an increasing challenge for brands. Mobile technology and the new power of networked consumers has created a hyper-responsive environment where competition for the attention of users is fierce.

So, in a world where people are being distracted every 11 minutes on average by digital interruptions, a new approach to designing user experiences is required. One that goes beyond pure functionality.

Emotional Ignition™ in principle

Emotional Ignition™ has been developed by our team through an understanding of the Limbic system, the brain’s gateway to emotion. This approach to user experience design enables us to create experiences with a clear focus on positive stimulation, targeting human behaviours by tending to both the heuristic needs of autonomy and the algorithmic needs of task fulfilment.

We employ a number of techniques to design emotional stimulation into our user experiences, from game mechanics through to flow pyschology. Achieving the correct balance between the left and right brain ensures that the user gets the fluid practicality they demand from their digital experiences as well as an enhanced satisfaction that is delivered through emotional brand engagement.

These are the three layers we apply to every user experience we design:
design innovation

No fuss functionality

We collaborate with our clients and their users to create a user experience that works.

emotional stimulation

Emotional stimulation

We use behavioural research to ensure the user journey exceeds user expectations

no fuss functionality

Design innovation

We combine function and emotion to design successful digital solutions across the connected web.

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