Our approach helps brands create value at every step of their customer journeys.

How we work

Our approach to user experience design is pretty simple really, as all the best experiences are. Whether we are helping businesses scope and prototype new digital products, design mobile first strategies or fine-tune existing digital user experiences, we believe success is achieved when four key elements are considered in harmony.

These are the four cornerstones of our approach.

Winning Together

Treat business goals and user goals equally.

As we all know, digital products and services are nothing without their users, so it stands to reason that when designing user experiences we achieve an equal balance between business objectives and user goals.

By setting this as the foundation of our projects we can be sure the user experience is never comprimised.

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UX design

Emotional Ignition™

Fuse function and emotion to create the most engaging user journeys.

When designing user experiences at Pomegranate we look beyond functionality. We are not disputing the importance of no fuss functionality, but alone we feel it is just half the job of a winning user experience.

By combining functional necessity with behavioural understanding, we can design digital experiences that simultaneously stimulate both sides of the brain to create stronger levels of engagement and brand loyalty.

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How we run your project

Our lean approach is based on the principals of kinetic learning and has helped us successfully design and launch user-centered brand experiences for multiple digital platforms, covering almost all sectors of business and retail.
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