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Alpaca farm mobile application

How can Alpacas help you learn?

In 2011 we released the first version of our ‘Social Gaming Report’, which used multiple data points, including analysis of 5 million unique social conversations, to map the burgeoning Social and App gaming market.

The report explores current and emerging gaming trends, audience behavioural patterns, social game mechanics and new opportunities relating to social gaming and brand integration.

As a result of the release of this report, we began working with independent game publishers Ben & Andy to create a mobile game to test the power game mechanics have to improve the learning experience.

Project Facts

Function: Test new gaming methods to improve the learning experience

Emotion:  Make learning fun and memorable

Design:  Creation of a mobile application that takes edutainment to the next level

Using game mechanics to improve the learning experience

Alpaca Farm lets learn

Digital Presence

We created a family-friendly game based around an Alpaca Farmer and his troubles looking after his herd.

Each level introduced a new challenge, onboarding players with simple reaction speed game play, then layering up the challenges to include speed grammar and mathematics.

The game builds a narrative and requires players to help the farmer keep his inquisitive alpacas out of trouble.

With trouble (in the form of cunning foxes and meddling rival farmers) lurking behind every hedge, fence and milk churn that is more difficult than it sounds!

Alpaca Farm pushes your reaction speed, spelling and maths skills to the limit!

Alpaca Farm Application
Game features include, fast reaction-based game play…
Character customisation…
Speed grammar and maths challenges…
Integration with leaderboards and achievements.

Digital Marketing

In support of the game we also ran an ongoing social media strategy to get the game into the hands of as many game reviewers and influential bloggers as possible.
We researched our target audience, their interests and the types of content that engages them.
The creation of a game trailer was an important asset to seed the game to a wider audience and create intrigue before the launch.

We then produced a content schedule to generate buzz and engagement pre and post-game launch.

By involving the growing game community in activities such as character naming, we quickly built up a loyal test group of followers, who were keen to be involved with the development and promotion of the game.

With the success of the initial pilot game we have since released extra levels and an Android version due to demand.

To date we have over 20,000 downloads in over 80 countries worldwide and have appeared in the top 10 apps in the UK, Thailand and Taiwan, as well as being featured in the ‘What’s Hot’ section of the UK app store!