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How do you bring local businesses and tourists together in a mutually beneficial online community?

To create an integrated travel app that offers rich and varied content supplied by a diverse range of sources to enable travellers to find and discover relevant, memorable tourism experiences.

Project Facts

Function: Developing an interactive, real-time mobile optimised tourist guide application that satisfies both locally-based contributors’ and travelling members’ needs.

Emotion:  Make discovering and exploring new places an exciting and entertaining adventure for every genre of traveller and to make contributors feel appreciated for their expertise.

Design:  Employing crowdsourcing in a way that enables knowledgeable contributors to supply relevant, motivating content that enhances member journeys.

Making the journey as exciting as the destination

Guildr splash screens

Where the journey begins…

We broke Guidr’s potential audience into two groups – members and contributors. Members could be any kind of traveller, from expats discovering their new neighbourhood, families or couples holidaying abroad in a new place to singles looking for new friends and activities. Contributors consisted of tourist offices, professional, locally-based tour guides, travel journalists or bloggers amongst others.

The route to revenue…

The app was created to enable contributors to publish their content and receive a royalty for any guide sold whilst members can opt for one of two versions, “Shop & Go” or Advert-free.
Shop & Go guides include suggested merchant stops where members have to ‘check-in’ at certain geo-located points or scan a QR code which they receive through buying items to unlock the following journey steps, whilst the paid version offers users additional guide content and an advert-free journey.
Guildr mobile app types of guides
Guild voice memo and personal guide

Create engagement…

Guides can be accessed in a variety of formats, from purely tourist-focused journeys through to exciting treasure hunt versions and content designed specifically for children, such as Spot the Difference games and slide puzzles that need to be solved in order to progress further along the guide.
Guidr brings contributors and members together in a virtual community where people can meet and share knowledge about places and earn rewards for their activity.

Other features include…

  • Layered route maps dictated by user preference and version purchased
  • Advertising opportunities for affiliated merchants
  • Gamification mechanics to motivate both members and contributors

“People are looking for a revolution in travel guides, from Rough guide and Lonely Planet to city maps, they are now considered cumbersome, inaccurate and ultimately disconnected. Guidr connects people to their environment to create a richer, deeper experience. The revolution has begun.”

Duncan Thomas
Head of Innovation, Pomegranate