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Inspired Challenge

The new way to travel the world

Inspired Challenge is looking to disrupt the travel industry with a new concept that combines adventure travel with social change projects in the communities they visit.

After securing seed investment for their concept Pomegranate worked with the Inspired Challenge team to define, design and develop and launch an MVP.

We began by holding a series of workshops with the Inspired team to get under the skin of the business idea and objectives. Then we analysed market research for the adventure travel industry and used this to identify a primary audience to run some quick research on.

After conducting a series of interviews we were able to identify a set of metrics that we used to define four audience personas. As a team we then identified the primary persona whose needs were the hardest to satisfy and we then created a user experience map to identify opportunities and gaps in the idea.

This was a vital exercise and along with user flow diagrams helped the founders of the business visualise their idea and achieve consensus on the features of the MVP.

We then created paper prototypes of the main workflows which we tested with stakeholders before creating a higher fidelity clickable prototype of the whole system.

Before designing the UI we conducted a heuristic review of the pilot site that secured the funding and reviewed user feedback to gauge sentiment around the existing branding.

This highlighted an in balance in the communication in favour of adventure over social impact and a lack of clarity on the booking process and social fund-raising workflow.

We addressed this by striping back the identity and refining the colour palette and creating clear links between the adventures and the social projects connected to each one.

The first release of the site launched in July 2014 and we are now conducting regular user tests as we iterate the product.

Project Facts

Function: Provide a platform where travellers can find and book adventure challenges and fundraise for social projects

Emotion:  Inspire a new way to travel and explore the world while doing social good

Design:  Design and development of an e-commerce and social fundraising platform