Justerini & Brooks

Fusing business and user goals to establish a roadmap for experience optimisation

Justerini & Brooks, a very traditional business and one of the world’s biggest wine merchants, is determined by personal relationships and a well-known brand. However they felt their existing web presence could be performing better in terms of online sales (conversion rate, average basket value), customer retention and average visit time spent online.

With the J&B team wanting to keep the visual design and development activities in-house, our approach was to undertake a client workshop and an expert UX and analytics review to understand what needed to change. Our recommendations were then delivered in a report and expressed as digital wireframes that the client could self-implement as and when required.

Project Facts

Function: To highlight key functional barriers in the user journey and recommend solutions.

Emotion: Consulting on messaging and leveraging the usage of the right imagery and visual design quality.

Design: Expressing our top-priority recommended changes as wireframes to be placed into the frame of the existing website.

Streamlining the purchase and storage of fine wines

Justerini & Brooks is incrementally reinvesting into its digital space – the process began with the identification of some simple changes that could help improve the user experience of their online store.

We began by running an assessment aimed at defining the problem space, identifying the business and customer objectives and fusing these to establish a guide for future changes.

After doing preliminary domain and competitor research in the world of fine wine, we’ve taken a deep look into the website’s analytics to discover potential problems, behaviour patterns and understand which areas are attractive to users.

The knowledge gathered provided a great foundation for a stakeholder workshop we delivered, which was built on a custom-made structure, designed to expose the needs, challenges and opportunities and bring everything together into a practical guide that focused on achieving the business objectives.

Recommending priorities

Consolidation of the domain and business knowledge we gathered provided us with enough insight to start the deeper assessment of J&B’s user experience. The results were presented in a report detailing a clear product roadmap of changes, with all our findings listed by area of the website and prioritised by severity and ease of implementation.

The report was supplemented with a set of digital wireframes to help express the design recommendations and support the handover to the client team who would be implementing the changes. Our suggestions are being realised incrementally, led by our advice, with those already effected showing a big impact on sales.

We continue to work with Justerini & Brooks in order to establish a long-term relationship in developing the company’s digital strategy, including the possible redesign of their whole digital experience further down the line.

“Pomegranate were professional from the get-go. A relatable team who immediately understood the challenges of our business. Pragmatic in their approach, they were able to provide a number of solutions for our immediate problems with long term results. We have since consulted on other projects with Pomegranate.”

Rachyeta Singh
Marketing Manager at Justerini & Brooks