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Lloyds TSB

How do you give everyone the chance to take part in the Olympic relay?

As one of the big three sponsors for the London 2012 Olympics, Lloyds TSB was looking for ways to extend the reach and engagement of its Olympic Torch Relay marketing activities.

We were invited in by Lloyds to provide strategies for how digital, and specifically mobile, solutions could integrate with Lloyds’ planned 2012 activities and offer additional value to the brand.

Lloyds’ aim was to bring the Games closer to their customers and to use their Olympic Partnership to inspire young people, communities and businesses across the UK on their journey to London 2012 and beyond.

Project Facts

Function: Generating brand awareness and increased customer participation

Emotion:  Making a passive event an inclusive social experience

Design:  Groundbreaking mobile application development, allowing users to pass their own torch using bump technology

Sharing the journey by mobilising the Olympic torch relay

It was time to share the journey…

One of the solutions we devised for Lloyds was to create a virtual torch relay that anyone with a smartphone could play.

This allowed people who were not going to be able to physically attend a torch relay event to participate in their own Olympic relay experience.

Using a mixture of game mechanics, the Torch Relay App allows players to bump phones together to pass on their torch, physically mimicking the act of passing the real torch.

The app allows players to track the progress of their torch and interact with members of their relay team.
Lloyds - My team
Players can view their position on a leader board as their points and achievements stack up…
Lloyds - Leaderboard
As more torch passes occur the players relay chain increases in number and the distance the torch travels can be monitored as interactions on a map.
Lloyds - Location map
and off course they can customise their experience including changing the colour of the flame.
Lloyds - Customise your torch flame

“The Torch Relay App gives everyone the chance to get their hands on the Olympic Torch. Next stop Brazil 2016.”