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My Redland Roofing

Protecting British Homeowners for over 90 years.

Redland is a brand of the worldwide Monier Group. With operations in 42 countries and over 150 production sites, Monier is the leading worldwide supplier of roofing materials and solar panel systems.

Redland had been looking for ways to increase their competitive edge and identified a growing trend towards a change in consumer behaviour.

Project Facts

Function: Connecting homeowners with roofing projects to trusted roofing professionals

Emotion:  Turning a distress purchase into a positive feeling of protection

Design:  Creating an industry-first consumer approach

Reconnecting Redland with the British homeowner, through an industry first digital strategy

During their 90 year history Redland had never communicated directly with the British homeowner, instead relying on trade partners to spread their virtues. But this was about to change as we helped Redland realise the benefits of an ‘industry first’ consumer-focused digital strategy.

We began with research. First analysing the typical user journeys that would lead to an interaction with the Redland brand.

It was time to establish a new relationship with the British homeowner.

But how do we make roofing relevant for the homeowner?

Compared to other projects a homeowner may have, planning a roofing project was seen to be a distress purchase. Something a homeowner would rather not think about. In fact, most homeowners admitted to never giving a second thought to the protection their roof is providing until a problem occurred.

How do we change this negative feeling?

Having a ‘roof over your head’ is the ultimate symbol of protection. Combined with Redland’s impressive claim to have roofed Britain after the Second World War, this was our starting point to build the web design strategy.

The outcome was a web design and user experience to help guide property owners through the complexities of the most common roofing projects.

From initial research and fact finding…

to product selection and home inspiration…
through to finding a local Redland approved trade professional to get the job done.
To help communicate this message and create deeper engagement we humanised the brand by creating a character set based on the House Martin, a symbol of good luck and a regular visitor to homes around Britain.
We helped Redland make life easier for homeowners facing a stressful situation enhancing the perception of Redland as the ‘people’s champion’ in the sector.

At every step Redland are protecting British families and their investment. They have got you covered, what a nice thing to be able to say after all these years.

“Following the success of the B2C launch, the Monier Group are in the process of rolling out the new consumer-focused approach for the Benelux group of countries comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.”