Simplified Recruitment

Supporting a disruptive recruitment startup with design expertise

Simplified Recruitment has proven to be a formidable force in the online recruitment sector but was looking to further drive its success through strategic growth.

The previous website was failing to deliver commercial value and lacked accurate alignment with the business’ ethos, presenting a less than compelling reflection of Simplified Recruitment’s dynamic and disruptive proposition. Our UX expert reviews and user testing sessions revealed that the current experience was falling short in meeting core user needs and lacked competitive impact.

Through the design and development of a new website, and a redesign of the applicant tracking system (a web application), the client’s proposition was delivered with a focus on targeted, relevant user impact. By introducing a customer experience designed to give value and connect with people, the website has greatly improved its contribution to driving new business and retaining existing.

Project Facts

Function: Provide a simple value proposition to guide users to sign up for the Applicant Tracking System and design a system to provide clear functions to support recruiters in their everyday work.

Emotion:  Showcase the brand’s values – dynamism, efficacy, transparency, speed – through a visual representation of everything they stand for.

Design:  Creating a fully responsive website and adaptive web app to support the whole user journey.


Simplifying your company’s growth

As we needed to assess the previous experience before redesigning it, we carried out robust user testing sessions and expert reviews.

We began by conducting three stakeholder workshops that allowed us to delve deep into the intricacies of the business proposition, the target audience and the components of the website and web application we were about to redesign.

To better understand the needs and pains of the target audience, we conducted a series of interviews with existing users of the website and the system as well as speaking with our own connections within the recruitment industry. Our first-hand discoveries were then complemented with extensive secondary research about the specific challenges that recruiters face in their day-to-day work.

The Strategy

The knowledge we gathered allowed us to start structuring the experience, from high-level journey maps and user flows to paper sketches. Collaborative rapid prototyping sessions enabled us to generate a plethora of exciting ideas, which we subsequently tested and distilled in the digital prototyping stage.

As the Applicant Tracking System was a complex, dynamic app, we needed to make sure that the prototypes could go to testing with the correct level of interactivity. Only in this way could we highlight the necessary features and design the best possible flow of the application.

Whilst we were simultaneously engaged in creating structure for the front end website and the web app, we knew that the magic would ultimately be applied during the visual design stage.

Shifting the paradigm

Our focus was to open up a totally different world to users who are historically forced to use cumbersome, dull CRM systems on a daily basis. We knew that the visuals we developed would have a huge impact on usability and were vital in promoting Simplified as a progressive and dynamic company who is ready to take over the market.

Reflecting the brand ethos

Modern visuals and bespoke icon design were the driving force behind the simplistic website. Angled lines added dynamism and symbolised growth, reflecting the core values of Simplified.