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The Society Of Genealogists

How do you help the members of the future look into the past?

The perception of the Society of Genealogists was that it was a search facility specifically for genealogy experts and not accessible for the general public and those new to the study of family history.

This appearance was having a negative effect on the ability of The Society to attract new members to the organisation.

Project Facts

Function: Creating a web design to improve membership attraction and establish a volunteer recruitment channel

Emotion:  Change the perception of The Society Of Genealogists from a search facility for experts to an expert resource for all

Design:  Creation of a Genealogy platform to help foster the study of family history amongst a younger audience

Helping The Society Of Genealogists look to the future

It was time for some web design forward thinking…

We began by conducting the biggest ever survey of the society’s current members to understand their attitudes towards the existing web presence.

We then used digital ethnography and anthropology to assess the wider culture surrounding genealogy, specifically to target the activities, drivers and motivations of someone conducting family history studies.

And finally, we analysed the gaps between the two to provide direction for the site redesign.

The feedback from the research enabled us to develop and test a new digital strategy for The Society Of Genealogists – providing the different levels of user with all the features they require to progress their family history studies whilst enabling the experts within the society to take control of their areas of experience to help foster the study of family history amongst a younger generation.
Society of genealogists timeline
society of genealogists multiple devices
The new web presence introduces a new user-centred experience and many new features including easy access to the society’s vast library of digitised records…
society of genealogists searching functionality
a suite of learning tools to help the beginner get started with genealogy…
society of genealogists guide
ask an expert, direct access to the society’s family history professionals…
society of genealogists ask an expert
and additional revenue streams, from the online shop to the event booking system.
society of genealogists booking
As a registered charity, the society has a responsibility to continue the development of genealogy education. The new website has provided the society with a robust platform for the distribution of educational materials to encourage and foster the study of family history amongst a younger generation. The future of family history studies has already begun.

“Pomegranate’s professional approach gave us confidence from the word go and, within a short space of time, we gained an incredible insight into our somewhat unique community.”

June Perrin