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The Importance of Customer Experience

The importance of the customer experience

The life-time value of a customer can be astronomical and even more so considering the potential impact of the ripple effects of a happy, or disgruntled customer on his or her friends and family. Because of social media and the connected environment we live in, a good user experience can lead to thousands of new connections while a negative one can lead to the detriment of potentially more than that.

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Campaigns versus Conversations

British Telecom may have coined the phrase ‘it’s good to talk’ back in 1994 but the reality is, it is. Whilst landline phones may no longer signal our only means of long distance, instant communication, the desire to tell the world our thoughts and opinions remains too big a temptation for individuals and businesses to ignore.

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Banking UX Review

When it comes to the interior design of a branch, banks are very innovative and well aware of user experience. Scents, music, proxemics, ergonomics, way finding and tactile experiences are just few of the elements wisely mixed to achieve a successful interior architecture that deliver the brand values and create the best environment to enhance the “in-store” user experience.

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UX and Technology Predictions for 2014

The year starts with the typical flood of soap boxer’s spouting forecasts for how our lives will be changing forever, and its true that few can escape the increasing penetration of digital technology into more and more facets of our everyday lives.

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Behavioural economics and the customer experience, good or bad idea?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently released a white paper exploring how understanding consumer behaviour can help financial organisations reshape their rules of conduct and the guidelines for client relations. In the wake of the massive mistrust and confidence bruising that the industry has taken, the FCA is attempting to address new approaches to help improve and safeguard the methods for client engagement.

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Music, technology and the power of ‘happy’

New technologies and ways of interacting with its users emerge nearly every day. However, only very few of them actually engage the user to the extent of not only rational and pragmatic approval of the idea, but also a deeply engraved gateway to emotion.

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