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Redesigning the customer experience for Hotpoint Service.

The current CX was impacting key revenue streams and increasing cost to serve. We delivered a more meaningful and effective digital service channel aimed to increase commercial KPIs.

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Key stat


reduction in calls per month

Customer and commercial measurement dashboard to track ROI on initiatives

Complete redesign of the Hotpoint Service website

Introduced online ‘book my repair’ for customers to book and track their repair

Project focus


User Experience
Customer Experience

What we did

To improve the customer journey, all three stages were equally important and build the basis for change.

Identifying key journey challenges, perspective, systems in place, parameters for change

Customer perspective, impact on behaviour, opportunities to reach desired emotional outcomes

Identify required change roadmap for service improvement



Understanding the journey

Balancing the business and customer perspective was critical.

With the journey mapped we could clearly see the customer and business misalignments and the opportunities for improvement.

Identifying what matters for improvement

Tracking the impact of changes made to the journey.

We developed a set of bespoke customer measures driven by an understanding of customer outcomes and the indicators of behaviour change.

Completely redesigning the online service experience

A core component of an 18 month digital change roadmap.

Creating a meaningful and connected digital customer experience resulting in improvements to key business KPIs.


How EI made the difference

The Emotional Ignition™ methodology enabled us to establish the moments that matter at every stage of the customer journey. We then mapped these to understand the emotional trigger points to improve the experience and enable a change in behaviour. Through our use of regression modelling we were able to identify the measures that were most critical in improving overall satisfaction and key commercial KPIs.

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10,000 per month

reduction of non value calls

Pomegranate provided us with focused and objective based approach to reinventing the digital experience on our customer support website. Our on-site click to call conversion has increased from 2% to 19%, which also enabled us to make significant efficiencies in our paid search spend. Cost per call is now at a record low.

Liam PageHead of Marketing
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