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Setting the standard for male grooming.

Jacks began as a local enterprise that serviced a lifestyle business, but through the founder's vision and determination to prove things could be done better, we have together established one of the UK's most successful and sought-after male grooming brands.

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Key stat


increased value of business from £500k

Awarded best Male Grooming Salon of the Year 2017

Jacks own ‘True Gent’ male grooming range

Customer loyalty scheme

Project focus


User Experience
Customer Experience

What we did

To improve the customer journey, all three stages were equally important and build the basis for change.

Identifying key journey challenges, perspective, systems in place, parameters for change

Customer perspective, impact on behaviour, opportunities to reach desired emotional outcomes

Identify required change roadmap for service improvement

On-brand. On-line.

Store Launches


Ever since we defined the foundations for the flagship barbers, and the new concept was proven, we began plans for the franchise role out. This year, we have produced extensive content both print and digital for Jacks latest additions to the franchise under the tagline ‘Join our Pride.’ We’ve brought the brand ident of the lion to the fore and will see this utilised for future store launches.

Product category development


Our design team really brought the customer voice into the process, and took design sketches into barbers to get opinions and feelings about what we were putting together. The Jack’s product range has been hugely successful – with one item even up for an award this year.


How EI made the difference

Different zones
Knowing that the barbers was often seen as a place for escapism and relaxation, we created a haven for men to have fun – including a chill zone with a beer fridge, a media zone, a waiting zone etc.

Queue cam
We noticed a specific point in the journey where customers would often be left frustrated – the point of not knowing if they would have to queue. So we introduced an innovative online queue cam – instead, creating feelings of surprise and delight and exceeding expectations.

Spotlights above barber chairs
We identified a point of anxiety and introduced spotlights above barber chairs to create the feeling of a more private zone, separate from other customers, so that men felt confident asking for what they really wanted. Moving the emotive state from insecure, to confident.

Seven successful franchises

across the UK

“In working with Pomegranate over the past 10 years, we have been able to take the business from a single store into a national franchise. The team at Pome have supported us in establishing the complete range of customer touchpoints to create fluid brand experience across the diverse range of touchpoints.


The creative and strategic teams have brought the brand to life across digital and experiential, from store design to full store launches, digital communications to packaging. ”

Emma LeeMarketing Director