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Broadening the appeal of the exclusive world of wine.

Justerini & Brooks is one of the UK's leading wine merchants and established their success in the experiential world, but transferring the highly sensory experience online is no simple feat.

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Key stat


Increase in purchase conversion

What we did

From understanding the fundamental commercial goals, we were able to establish a framework to develop the digital strategy from. The focus was to improve the appeal to target wider audience penetration with the assumption that personalisation would help improve conversion. Aligned with this we also assisted J&B in creating an agile test programme to validate the assumptions.

Expert UX review enabled us to understand the user journeys and establish the priority barriers to interaction and engagement.

Through audience segmentation we devised a profiled content strategy.  This included personalised email content that was based on individual preferences eg. level of experience, region of wine, grape type, seasonality & colour.

Streamlined user journeys by removing unnecessary clicks, pages and jumps.


Featuring the key findings

Mapping the ecosystem

The patterns of purchase behaviour, through influences and relationships.

With the ecosystem mapped we had a clear set of behaviour patterns enabling us to understand what was appealing and which areas acted as barriers to interaction and engagement.

Identifying quick wins

Digitising the emotional journey of sensory experience.

We introduced a range of UX tests to define the priority points of engagement, where motivation can be enhanced and the negative barriers removed. Through an agile test and learn approach we devised an efficient phased development strategy.

Draft the design

Wireframes to get people in the mindframe.

Through prototype testing we uncovered some fascinating insights, such as how to balance the concept of premium exclusivity without encouragement, how you can onboard a novice through guided education and where customer service can be better placed to ensure purchase conversion.

Emotional Ignition™ Highlight

Harnessing personal preference for improved UX

We saw that efforts could be made to personalise the online experience to create a more meaningful connection with the visitor, making them more likely to purchase. So we introduced the idea of personalised content within email newsletters for subscribed account holders, based around pre-selected preferences for wine regions, grape type, seasonality and colour.

Delivered high-level recommendations for improvements to current site – which were all implemented by their on site dev

Moved away from a merely functional site by connecting with audiences on an emotional level

Produced an extensive set of short term and long term recommendations to increase engagement

Pomegranate were professional from the get-go. A relatable team who immediately understood the challenges of our business. Pragmatic in their approach, they were able to provide a number of solutions for our immediate problems with long-term results. We have since consulted on other projects with Pomegranate.

Rachyeta SinghMarketing Manager