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More Eyeballs and Engagement for Jacks Of London

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More eyeballs and engagement for Jacks Of London.

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We recently teamed up with BrightMove Media to launch a new, digital, out of home advertising campaign for our male grooming client, Jacks of London.

We were on the hunt for an innovative, digital-focused medium that would enable Jacks to (literally) stand out from the crowd and that’s when we discovered BrightMove’s innovative TaxiCast technology.

Using their roof-mounted black cab advertising platform, we created a digital advertising campaign in support of Jack’s Twelve Men of Christmas gift promotion, using creative adaptations and messages designed specifically for the TaxiCast platform together with product sampling via the TaxiCast fleet of black cabs.



Mounted on the roof of London black taxis, BrightMove Media’s TaxiCast uses highly visible, double-sided LED screens to broadcast advertising on a digital loop: the messages can be time and geo targeted. It is also possible to manage other parameters like temperature, so for example your campaign will only display when the mercury is over 20C°.

Pomegranate is using these bright, vibrant screens, with a physical reach of 40 metres and a 140 degree viewing angle, to offer a 15% discount on Jacks of London purchases to any person who hails a TaxiCast cab. With sample grooming products also being given out by the drivers it is a great way to get the products into the hands of the Jacks audience.



Our decision to use TaxiCast was fuelled by the need for a digital advertising platform which could enhance the exposure of the 12 Gentlemen Of Christmas campaign in a new and exciting way.

This technology has allowed us to deliver a highly targeted campaign which also leverages cutting edge values. Employing BrightMove Media’s proprietary relevance engine, ConnectaCast, we are able to deliver real-time, eye level adverts for consumers, using time and location to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

Our Jacks’ cabs will be transporting Modern Gentlemen around Central London until December 24th. Hail a new approach to media placement.

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